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Links da Semana #27

In case of a Russian invasion, Estonia is uploading its government to the cloud

“As anybody who has ever had a computer virus or hard drive crash knows, the best defense for online attacks is a good back-up. Or lots and lots of back-ups, stashed in several different locations (…) That’s essentially the plan that Estonia is contemplating for its entire digital infrastructure”.

‘Geeks’ ajudam prefeitura do Rio a resolver problemas da cidade

“Usando dados do twitter e da prefeitura, grupo busca soluções para problemas relacionados a dengue, transporte e enchentes (…) A esquadra carioca — formado por um professor de Matemática, um geógrafo, um gestor de políticas públicas e dois engenheiros — trabalha numa pequena sala no segundo andar do Centro de Operações Rio, na Cidade Nova

Brazil’s path to inclusive growth

“More than 25 years of democracy and political stability have allowed Brazil to make major strides in economic development, including cutting its official poverty rate by half. Yet the forces that provided much of the economy’s momentum during the past decade—an expanding labor force, credit-fueled consumption, and high commodity prices—are beginning to stall”.

The Rise of the Sensor-Based Smart City

“One of the most promising solutions to this increasingly complex urban problem is making cities smarter through the use of sensor technology: tiny electronic devices that can measure and track just about anything that goes on in a city. But does the technology really work and do they generate the kind of benefits that proponents claim?”

The backlash against big data

“BOLLOCKS”, says a Cambridge professor. “Hubris,” write researchers at Harvard. “Big data is bullshit,” proclaims Obama’s reelection chief number-cruncher. A few years ago almost no one had heard of “big data”. Today it’s hard to avoid—and as a result, the digerati love to condemn it”.