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Links da Semana #28

How forward thinking cites are using the Internet of Everything to fix their economies

“It’s fair to say that despite recent optimism, the world, and especially Western Europe and North America, is still recovering from the financial earthquakes of five years ago. Government deficit is everywhere. The response to the crisis in most western economies has been a series of austerity programmes, with social and other services being cut whilst taxes slowly rise. Everybody has been feeling the pain. Spain was one of the hardest-hit European economies. In Spain, youth unemployment exceeded 50%, with serious concerns in some parts of the country about the potential for social order breakdown”.

The Emerging Science of Computational Anthropology

“Location-based social networks are allowing scientists to study the way human patterns of behavior change in time and space, a technique that should eventually lead to deeper insights into the nature of society”.

Augmented Reality App Brings New York’s Subway Maps To Life

“Tunnel Vision draws on information from the MTA and the NYC Open Data initiative to tell a story about modern life in the city”.

Palestra de Pedro Markun, do Transparência Hacker, falando sobre o hackerismo e a política

A Câmara Municipal de São Paulo acaba de realizar um novo Hackathon